Zoning Board of Appeals

Mission Statement: The Zoning Board of Appeals reviews specific actions taken by town officials, the building inspector or code enforcement officer, and residents and may grant variances – such as building setbacks and lot size, use variances, and special use permits according to board jurisdiction. An appeal may also be made to the Zoning Board for an interpretation of specific code language based on a decision of a town official. You must appear in person or by agent or attorney.

Established: June 2nd, 1928

Term of Office: Five Years

Meetings Held: Last Wednesday of Each Month, except August


Board Members Term Ends
Kenneth Cooper – Chairman 1/31/21
Harvey Boneparth 12/31/23
Howard Dubs 12/31/22
Anthony Giardina 12/31/20
Michael Nolan 12/29/19

For more information, please contact Kenneth Cooper at kcooper@mynewcastle.org

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