Youth Civics Action Committee

Mission Statement: The goal of the Youth Civics Action Committee (“YCA”) is to increase youth participation in local government. YCA recognizes that youth should add their voices to local policies, practices and services offered in the communities that concern them. YCA recognizes that youth are valuable stakeholders, capable of contributing to the vibrancy of our communities. YCA teaches democracy by giving young people first-hand experience of decision-making in a democracy. YCAempowers youth to act as advocates for themselves and their peers through identifying and representing the needs of the youth community. YCA is a resource for community problem-solving. YCA advocates for policies and programs for youth. YCA will coordinate with other town committees. YCA will work with parents, agencies, schools, businesses, faith groups, civic groups and community-based organizations that advocate for our youth, YCA will work with non-partisan organizations that encourage youth participation in government.

Established: March, 2017

Term of Office: No term limit

Meetings Held: as needed

For more information, please contact Supervisor Rob Greenstein, at