Town of New Castle Supervisor’s Report September 05, 2019

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New Castle Supervisor’s Report – 9/5/19

Rob Greenstein
Supervisor, New Castle

Downtown Chappaqua Infrastructure and Streetscape Project Update

whispering pines stepsSome have asked why sidewalks couldn’t be poured before the time consuming installation of the sitting walls by Pizza Station, CitiBank & Great Stuff and installing the new ADA compliant steps by Whispering Pine, the Boswell office (old EZ Sports space) & Bank of America. The reason is that the sidewalks are formed & poured around the new sitting walls & steps. The sitting walls & steps must be installed first. Since they completed the steps by Whispering Pines & Boswell office (former EZ Sports space), and did enough of the steps by Bank of America, we were able to install new sidewalks. Since they completed the sitting wall for our clock by CitiBank, we were able to install new sidewalks. Over the last few weeks, we have also installed new sidewalks by the Shell station (across from Pizza Station), on North Greeley towards Susan Lawrence, on Senter Street by the Community Center, on upper King to the project limit by the old Methodist Church & from the Bagel Emporium to the project limit. As far as sidewalks by Ibiza, Family Britches, Petticoat Lane & Great Stuff, we would all like to see sidewalks finally poured there. We first needed Con Ed to relocate a utility pole. After that was done, at the beginning of August, we started excavating for the sitting wall by Great Stuff. The sitting wall is part of the pedestrian plaza. Unfortunately, we discovered a buried oil tank in front of Great Stuff. All work at that location was immediately halted. NYS DEC was immediately notified. We were now under the direction & control of NYS DEC. Soil needed to be tested. DEC would then instruct us how to remove the oil tank, how to remove any contaminated soil & where to send it. When we were finally given permission to remove the oil tank, another oil tank was discovered. The 2nd oil tank was halfway under the building. These residential oil tanks were not on any maps – not our maps – not on the maps of the building owner. Two weeks ago we were finally given permission to remove the 2nd oil tank (and make sure foundation was ok). The contaminated soil was removed early last week. Work was finally allowed to progress at this location. The footing was done last week. They are now working on the actual sitting wall. We are now able to install the trench drains. They will then grade for the sidewalk. Next week they will excavate the wall by Waka then start installing the new wall. Again, we cannot pour sidewalks by Waka until their new wall is completed. After the wall is done, they can install the trench drains & grade for sidewalks. By Pizza Station, the sitting wall – with stone veneer – is almost done, just needs to top rock caps. Next week they will install trench drains & grade for sidewalks. Pouring of the remaining sidewalks is planned for the weeks of 09/09 & 09/16. Full road reclamation is done. That work was done at night. We removed the entire road – went 2 feet down – and then installed a new road bed, sub-surface & surface (pavement). As far as the trees, planting season is late September and early October. At that time, they will start digging the tree pits, plant trees, and install the grates. Unfortunately, final paving cannot take place until trees are planted, and planters placed. The trucks used to plant the trees & place the planters would damage new asphalt. Immediately before final paving, the traffic sensors can be installed in the road & then final paving will take place. The traffic light & street lights will then be turned on! As I previously mentioned, benches, tables, chairs, umbrellas & planters have been ordered. Our goal is to place the tables, chairs, umbrellas, benches & 57 planters prior to the Chappaqua Children’s Book Festival (10/5).

Downtown Chappaqua Rezoning

Our consultants have been moving forward with compiling our draft Form-Based Zoning Code. Adopting this kind of code will allow us to achieve our development objectives with greater certainty. It’s anticipated that a final code, build-out analysis will be accomplished by the end of the year. In September, our consultant will be conducting traffic counts at several intersections in the hamlet, as well as continuing to pull together other necessary information.. Read more about the Chappaqua Hamlet Rezoning Project and watch the meetings here.

Basketball Court / Inclusive Playground

The Town Board authorized the reissuance of the RFP for our playground/basketball court at Town Hall. The current time frame is award the contract late Oct/early Nov with construction to start 2020 & complete spring/summer.


bobo's parkingPlenty of 2 hour parking for those want to try Bobo’s. Nice article in The Examiner.

Chappaqua Crossing

117 repavingPaving on 117 & RBR is completed. The new traffic light is awaiting approval from NYS DOT. Thank you for your patience!

Chappaqua Performing Arts Center (ChappPAC)

The Town Board approved authorization to prepare Request for Proposals for the steps, patio & an electronic sign at ChappPAC. As well, on September 21, 2019 at 8:00 pm, the Friends of Chappaqua Performing Arts Center (ChappPAC) will be presenting The Battle of the Bands Fundraiser featuring three local bands – Red Grenadine with The Horn Dogs, Ripchord and The Station Agents. A meet and greet cocktail party with the bands will be held prior to the event at 6:00 for those who purchase tickets at that level and those who are part of the Founding Members Circle. Beverages, wine, beer and soft drinks, along with lite bites will be available for purchase at the event. Tickets can be purchased here.

Hunt’s Place

hunts placeSome have noticed the delays with the affordable housing project on Hunt’s Place. As set forth in the article in LoHud, the contractor had installed underground pipes with improper connecting joints which made the water lines unusable . Work has now resumed. Replacement/completion of the underground utilities is ongoing and should be complete in in 4-6 weeks. Next step after that is pouring the garage slab sometime in October and the construction of the building in November.

Community Center

New community center carpetOut with the old, in with the new…new carpet at the community center!

School Safety

As I previously mentioned, but worth repeating, I’m very happy to report that CCSD has agreed conceptually to a School Resource Office (“SRO”). New Castle Police Department & CCSD have a very strong relationship, and that relationship will continue as they work together with SRO. We are now finalizing the agreement. I want to personally thank CCSD for their thorough process & their commitment to safety.

Sunshine Children’s Home

Congratulations to Sunshine Children’s Home on their 10 Year Anniversary!