New Castle For Inclusion & Diversity Committee

Mission Statement

The Town of New Castle seeks to celebrate diversity and the value of a diverse community through meaningful visible strategies rooted in education, understanding and respect.  The Town of New Castle finds that there is a need for the organization of an Inclusion and Diversity Committee to highlight the beauty and benefits of appreciating different backgrounds, interests and sexual orientations.  The Committee will work to effectively create community awareness about differences in others as related to race, religion, cultural differences, sexual preferences and gender identity.  The Committee will work to develop and implement programs designed to create a spirit of diversity and inclusion of all that live and work in the Town of New Castle as part of “one” unified community.  The Committee will work to promote the diversity goals of the Town – to understand and respond to the needs of an increasingly diverse community – and encourage respect and tolerance for those individual differences that enrich our community.

Established: 2016

Term of Office: 1 year


Board Members Term Ends
Dawn Dankner-Rosen – Chair 7/16/19
Lawrence Bahr 7/16/19
Natalia Wixom 7/16/19
Jennifer Klein 7/16/19
Elizabeth Fiegelson 7/16/19
Sheryl Manasse 7/16/19
Cynthia Lynch 7/16/19
Ed Frank 7/16/19
Sophia Chaudry 7/16/19
Swapna Venugopal Ramaswamy 7/16/19
Rich Ma 7/16/19

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