New Castle Airport Advisory Board

Mission Statement:

The New Castle Airport Advisory Board studies issues of interest regarding community impacts from the Westchester County Airport and provides advisory reports and recommendations to the Town Board. The Committee provides updates and recommendations to the Town on matters pertaining to the airport, including, but not limited to, the operation and proposed development of the Westchester County Airport.



Term of Office: Two years

Meetings Held:



Board Members Term Ends
Robert Fleisher 12/31/20
Jon Yonovsky 12/31/20
Dr. Stuart Beeber 12/31/20
Erik Nicolaysen 12/31/20
Joyce Shapiro 12/31/20
Jordan Finkler 12/31/20
Tara Kassal 12/31/20
Daniel Puszka 12/31/20
John Lyman 12/31/20
David Wolff 12/31/20
Warren Gottlieb 12/31/20
Susan Comey 12/31/20
Kenneth Silverman 12/31/20


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