Mandate Relief Committee

Mission Statement: charged with the task of identifying means for obtaining relief from New York State Mandates. The purpose of the Committee is as follows:

  1. Identify Mandates
  2. Assess Impact of Identified Mandates
  3. Determine Mandate Changes Required to Maintain Existing Level of Town Services to Town Residents
  4. Identify Source of Authority for Each Mandate and Related Legislative, Executive and Administrative Bodies and Officials Vested with Capability of Effectuating Desired Reforms
  5. Develop Strategy to Effectuate Desired Reforms
  6. Collectively Advocate with Similarly Situated Municipalities and Interest Groups to Obtain Desired Changes

Established: April 8th, 2014

Meetings Held: regularly according to the Board’s schedules



Board Members Term Ends
Judith McGrath – Chair 7/21/17
Warren S. Gottlieb 7/21/17
Christian G. Hildebrand 10/28/17
Neil Skolnick 7/21/17
Peter Cipriano  3/28/20
James McCauley, Alternate Member 7/21/17

Projects of Note:

  • Mandate Committee Presentation to the Town Board on October 27th, 2015: Found here.
  • Mandate Report: Found here.

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