Receiver of Taxes

The Receiver of Taxes is responsible for collection of county, town and school taxes. Please be aware that taxes must be paid whether or not property owner receives notification (NYS Real Property Law, section 922). If you are a new property owner, please notify the Tax Department so that your tax bill can be sent to the proper place.

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More information is available on property assessment.

Dates at a glance:

Town and County taxes:
Bills mailed: April 1
Taxes are due: on April 30 (last day to pay without penalty.)

Please call the Tax Department if you have not received your bill by April 5.

Town and County Penalty Schedule

April None
May 2%
June and July 5%
August and September 7%
October, November, December 10%
January, February, March, April 12%

Thereafter additional 1% each month until redemption.

School taxes

First Half
Bills mailed: September 1 (Two part form for first and second halves.)
Taxes are due: September 30 (last day to pay without penalty)
Please call the tax office if you have not received your bill by September 5.

Second Half
Taxes are due: January 31 (last day to pay without penalty)

If you are mailing your tax payment close to the due date, please witness a timely US Postmark being affixed to the envelope. Taxes must be postmarked by due date.

School Penalty Schedule

First Half Second Half
September None None
October 2% None
November 5% None
December and January 7% None
February and March 10% 10%
April 12% 12%

Thereafter additional 1% each month until redemption.

Delinquent Taxes

On July 1, all prior year delinquent taxes are filed with the Westchester County Clerk’s Office.


Veterans and Seniors may be eligible for an exemption. For all exemption-related questions including the School Tax Relief Program (STAR) contact the Assessor’s office at 914-238-4722.

Frequently Asked Questions

When are taxes due and when are bills sent out? 
See Dates at a Glance, above.

How can I get copies of bills paid by the bank?

Copies of bills paid by the bank are sent to your home for the Town and County taxes and also for the first half of the school taxes. If you need additional copies, or copies of the bills paid for the second half of the school taxes, call the Tax Department at 914-238-4773.

How much did I pay last year?
Call the Tax Department at 914-238-4773 for information.

Do you Accept Postdated Checks?