Conservation Board

Mission Statement: Studies and advises the Town Board and other Town departments, boards and commissions on developing sound open space planning and assuring preservation of natural and scenic resources within the Town of New Castle.

Established: May 13th, 1975

Term of Office: Two Years

Meetings Held: Third Monday of Each Month


Board Members Term Ends
Karin Antin – Chair 12/21/19
Melissa Fabel Weddle 12/23/19
Chip Brookshaw 12/21/19
Victoria Alzapiedi 01/7/20
Sue Meany 02/12/21
Lucille Rossi 02/12/21
Melanie Smith 02/12/21

For more information, please contact Stephen Coleman, the Staff Liaison for the Conservation Board, at

There are currently two vacant positions for the Conservation Board.

Interested in contributing? Submit an application to join the Conservation Board!

Planting Along the Line: Landscape Buffers