Business Development Advisory Committee

Mission Statement: The Business Development Advisory Committee will be responsible for giving general direction to the Town Board, including but not limited to making recommendations with respect to the following:

  • Attracting and retaining a more diverse range of businesses, particularly with respect to the mix of retail uses, to reinforce our business hamlets as vibrant and unique destinations for shopping, entertainment and social activities;
  • Ensuring that any future development of Chappaqua Crossing proceeds in a manner that complements the retail uses in our existing business hamlets;
  • Exploring how the Town can encourage and promote the development of new amenities and uses, such as a performing arts or community center;
  • Working to increase the commercial tax base;
  • Streamlining the approval process for new businesses and create a more business-friendly environment for existing businesses; and
  • Working with existing landlords to find tenants that will fill needs and increase the variety of retail uses.


Board Members Term Ends
Phil Altman Project Driven
Jeffrey Blockinger Project Driven
Dana Berk Project Driven
Adam Brodsky Project Driven
Dawn (Rhonda)  Greenberg Project Driven
Randy Katchis Project Driven
Philip M. Luria Project Driven
Barry Mishkin Project Driven
Erik Nicolaysen Project Driven
David Perlmutter Project Driven
Corey Shanus Project Driven
Joan Simon Project Driven

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