Beautification Board

Mission Statement: A non-partisan advisory committee that advises on, formulates and promotes programs that will enhance the beauty and appearance of New Castle. This committee often works together with the Parks and Recreation Department and the Streetscape Committee.

Established: June 24, 1989

Term of Office: Three Years

Meetings Held: Second Monday of each month at 4pm in Town Hall, excluding July and August


Board Members Term Ends
Monica DeJanosi – Co-Chairperson 1/23/20
Phyllis Furnari – Co-Chairperson 4/9/19
Jeanne Coon 3/21/20
Beth Hundgen 11/10/19
MaryLynn McRee 2/12/19
Fran Osborne 11/10/19
Margaret (Betsy) M. Towl 12/10/19

Projects of Note:

  • Sponsors Clean-Up Day held annually in late April. The board provides plastic bags and gloves for residents to pick up litter for a cleaner Chappaqua in preparation for a prettier springtime. Also started the “Neat to the Street” campaign.
  • Sponsors “Adopt a Bench” to commemorate a loved one or special event throughout the town
  • Initiated the sidewalk on Rt. 120 in hopes that more sidewalks would be built.
  • Awarded private citizens as well as commercial residents who did an outstanding job enhancing their front properties. The winners were congratulated publicly at Community Day.
  • Chosen and paid for the flowers and plants in the town’s containers and hanging baskets and made sure that they are maintained and taken care of.
  • Chosen and purchased the holiday lights and snowflakes for the wintertime.

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