Architectural Review Board

Mission Statement: This Board ensures that the proposed work blends not only into the harmony of the structure but also the neighborhood in which it is situated. Excessive uniformity, dissimilarity, inappropriateness or poor quality of design in the exterior appearance of buildings or other structures erected or altered in any neighborhood adversely affects the desirability of the immediate area and neighboring areas for residential, business or other purposes. To prevent these and other harmful effects of such exterior appearance of buildings and other structures erected or altered throughout the Town, the Town Board has appointed a 5-member Architectural Review Board. For additional information see the Town Code Sec.60-550.

Info to Note: With few exceptions, anyone doing a construction project in the Town of New Castle must present to and obtain approval from the Architectural Review Board to obtain a Building Permit. Due to the nature of our community, most of the applications are for residential construction, generally alterations to existing homes with some sporadic new construction. Other applicants come from desired construction work in one of the commercial hamlets which could range from new storefronts to signage or more. The Architectural Review Board seeks to encourage and approve design that adds to and maintains the character of our unique community.

Established: July 1st, 1956

Term of Office: Three Years

Meetings Held: First and Third Wednesday of each month

Board Members Term Ends
Robert Schenkel – Chairman 6/30/21
Sara E. Kaplan 6/28/20
Claudia Mulas 2/7/21
Anne Hasegawa 6/28/20
Stanley Wong 6/30/19
Sarah Dirsa – Alternate 6/12/19
Brendan Rudolph – Alternate 8/31/21
Travis Bechtel – Alternate 8/31/21

Contact Board of Architectural Review

Phone:(914) 238-4723
or (914) 238-7273
Fax: (914) 238-5177
Hours: Monday-Friday
8:45AM – 4:30PM 

Thomas DePole Building Inspector

Steve Davis Assistant Building Inspector

Daisy Hernandez ARB Secretary

For more information, Please contact

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