ChapLine Committee

Mission Statement:

To create a committee of stake holders; including but not limited to residents, neighbors, property owners, school officials and town officials to consider the feasibility of creating a multiuse trail that would provide a safe alternative pathway from the vicinity of the High School and Chappaqua Crossing to the Chappaqua Hamlet following the general route of the Westchester County Sewer Trunk Line.

This committee would help revise, refine, draft a new Request for Proposals (RFP) for a feasibility study to identify the challenges to the creation of such a path.



Term of Office: Two years

Meetings Held:



Board Members Term Ends
Daniel Googel 7/16/19
Dr. Stuart Beeber 7/16/19
Karen Taylor 7/16/19
Jack Mortell 7/16/19
Peter Izzo 7/16/19
Leonard Cristino 7/16/19